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Wall Graphics

Are you using the interior of your store or office for active marketing? Do your walls help you to build name recognition and brand awareness? Do your walls help set the tone for the customer or client’s experience at your store or office? If you are still relying on the paintbrush and have not given wall graphics and wall murals a try, there is a good chance that you are missing out on these great opportunities.

Who Uses Graphics for Walls?

Murals and graphics are suitable for all kinds of stores. If you have a real estate office, brand your name by including the logo of the home office. If you work as an independent agent, a large logo displayed on your office wall makes it impossible for would-be clients not to notice it. Store owners, boutique managers, physicians’ offices and even work shops of all kinds benefit from these wall decorations.

Graphics vs. Paint

  • Wall coverage. Paint covers the entire wall. Yet it does so only in one color. If you want to have multiple colors or a pattern, you likely have to pay extra and accept that there may be some flaws such as runs and scrapes. A graphic can cover the entire surface, a part of it or multiple parts. Since the images are digitally printed, they are rendered perfectly.
  • Quality. If you pay someone to paint a mural onto your wall, you may get a good result if the artist is skilled. If the artist is not as skilled, the characters and shapes may be slightly off. A printed wall mural is perfect in color selection, dimension choice and size. Since you choose the exact product that you will see on your wall in large size, there are no surprises.
  • Adaptable. Are the walls of your storefront perfect? If you are painting, they have to be perfectly cleaned, patched and sanded. When you attach graphics, they can hide a multitude of imperfection. Your wall still should be in basically good repair, but you do not have to worry about the little cosmetic flaws that fresh paint so easily highlights.
  • Picture choice. What would you like to see displayed on your wall? A running shoe shop might prefer a backdrop featuring a steep hill while a florist’s shop may enjoy the tulip fields of Holland. For a dentist’s office, the wall graphics could include pictures of healthy teeth and beautiful smiles. The choice of available graphics is endless. When you choose paint, there is only a color without an image.

Getting Started on Your Graphics

There is no doubt that any business owner benefits from the advantages that wall graphics and murals offer to the venue. At Spotlight Signs and Imaging Solutions, we help your business to get noticed with gorgeous images that set the stage for a great buying experience. We proudly serve the business communities in and around Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa.