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Wayfinding can become a challenge for your visitors. The bigger the office building, the more suites on the campus and the larger the venue, the more difficult it can be to find out where to go. A frustrated client is an unhappy client who might not want to undergo this experience for a second meeting or appointment. Avoid the frustration with informative but attractive suite and directory signs.

Customization is a Key Component to Success and Branding

If you choose a metal and glass suite sign, consider using this material combination throughout your office to identify the conference room and individual office spaces. Doing so harmonizes the space and helps visitors to recognize the signage they should look for when searching for wayfinding assistance. Other materials include acrylics, wood, stone, vinyl and any feasible combination. If you are renting the space, your leasing agent most likely offered you signage blanks to go with the suite. Consider a more customized option to truly make the space as personalized as your product or service.

Clarity is Another Must-Have

While a fancy font may be perfect in bringing out your desired atmosphere, this typeface can be difficult to read. We recommend using ADA-compliant signage that not only ensures that handicapped visitors can identify your individual rooms and in-house locales, but it also makes the markers simple to take in with a glance or two. That said, it is possible to add some artistic expressions to your signs, which help them stand out and imbue the office with your own unique flair.

Pairing Wayfinding with Pizzazz

There is no reason why your company’s personality cannot shine through even with a directory sign. Place these in the elevator lobby, near the main lobby entrance and along the various landings of the building. List the names of the offices and do not neglect to break down the office spaces by the names of the individuals whom consumers might be visiting. This helps to locate the appropriate office without the help of a receptionist on duty. Directories can be hung from the wall or take the form of a stand-alone pylon that takes up a central space in the lobby.

All types of businesses and settings rely on directory and suite signs to assist with wayfinding. Examples include hotel lobbies, college campuses, airports, hospitals, medical office buildings and mixed use office venues. Retailers, too, recognize the importance of directories. Getting started on your order is simple. The dedicated staff at Spotlight Signs and Imaging Solutions serves the business communities in and around Gilbert, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa and Chandler.