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Office Signage Options

  • Wall Murals. Excellent way to brand and inspire workers and visitors alike. We design, fabricate, and install top quality wall murals that will revitalize your space. 
  • Lobby Signs. Lobby signs are a beautiful addition to any office entrance area. They immediately boost the perceived legitimacy of a firm. 
  • Etched Glass Window Vinyl. Etched glass vinyl is an easy and cost effective way to add a dose of elegance and professionalism to an office space. Frosted glass and etched glass vinyl can blur large glass walls and are great for privacy. Any design, including logos and even landscapes can be incorporated. 
  • Door Signs. Door signs are important for practical reasons. Signs should guide people through a space in a way that makes sense and maximizes productivity. 
  • Hanging banners and posters. Custom posters can be a great way to display messages related to company culture, or to explain product or services. 

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Employees and Visitors are Impressed and Inspired by Interior Signage

Whether we want to admit it or not, we judge products and businesses based on our perception of their image and branding. In a recently conducted survey, 86% of people agreed that signs can “convey the personality or character of a business,” signs convey brand and brand is very important. It’s wise to express the brand to the consumer at every turn, this is why interior signage is so important. The effect of signage is not limited to visitors to the office, it also has a huge influence over those that work there. 


Interior office signage energizes a workforce and unites them under a common brand and vision. Firms that strive for an innovative and collaborative environment are wise to focus on their interior office signage. Studies have show that interior office wall murals and signage revamps improve productivity. Study the workplaces of the most successful firms in the country and you will find they all invest in and pay close attention to their interior office signage. 

Wall Murals

The most innovative and powerful companies in Silicon Valley are famous for the attention they pay to their work environment. These companies have revolutionized the office, making the stereotypically sterile, fluorescent, and cubicle-filled office a sad and outdated thing of the past. One thing that the corporate headquarters of Google, Amazon, and Nordstrom all have in common: wall murals. Facebook even runs an artist residency program, staffing artists in a full-time office beautifying position.

These companies know the value of a workplace that is comfortable and inspiring. Wall murals can play a huge role in adding branding and personality to an office environment. They transform white walls into attention grabbing decorative features that energize workers and impress visitors. Wall murals are a fantastic and effective way to express branding and company culture. Daily exposure to carefully crafted wall mural designs can boost employee morale and productivity. In addition to employees, murals also have an impact on visitors to the workplace. Wall murals are aesthetically pleasing and start conversations, they set workplaces apart. At Spotlight Signs, we have proudly helped design, fabricate, and install a number of wall murals for office settings.