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What does your current lobby setup say about your company? Does it identify you as a thought leader in your niche? Does it make you stand out as an avant-garde niche company that is setting the tone for others in the business to follow? Does your lobby inspire confidence in your clients when they look for a long-lived business that has decades of experience in a given field? Without the right lobby signs, your reception area might say something completely different about you and your company.

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Making the Most of the First Impression

Lobby signage is more than just the affirmation that a customer or client has arrived at the right address. It is an opportunity to make a first impression and set the tone for successful and financially rewarding business relationships with your clientele. The marker greets the clients and helps them to transition into a setting that has been specifically designed to either set them at ease, make them eagerly await your arrival or look forward to confidently entrusting you with their business.

Using the Best Materials for Your Business Setting

What type of sign would define your motto and business? Are you the kind of company that has been around for a long time and anticipates doubling this time? In this case, metal laminate letters might be the perfect solution. After all, what has more longevity than a lobby marker made of metal?

Perhaps you are in the business of chic. This could be the design chic of a home, the dressy kind of chic or really any field in which style, elegance and fashion connect. Architects and clothes designers do well with acrylic-cut letters that are crisp, modern and available in a rainbow of colors. Choose just the right thickness to complement your contemporary look.

Other great options are logo panels. Combine them with layered acrylics and acrylic lettering for an astonishing visual appeal. When you want your customers to wonder just “how did they do that,” this is the sign to hang in your lobby. Of course, there are still plenty of other options as well. We handle foam letters and also work with materials such as wood and stone.

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The experienced technicians and graphic artists at Spotlight Signs and Imaging Solutions serve clients from Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Tempe and Chandler as well as the surrounding areas. Go ahead; see what we can do for the look and feel of your lobby today. With the right lobby sign, the possibilities are endless.