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Are you in charge of managing a prestigious law firm, a start-up attorney’s office, a bustling medical clinic or an old-fashioned accountancy firm? While all these professionals provide different consumer services, they have one thing in common: the need for excellent signage. What are the markers that put potential clients or patients at ease, help them to get where they need to go and give them a feeling of trust in their chosen professional?

Monument Markers

Let those seeking your services know well in advance where your parking lot entrance is located. There is nothing more frustrating to a patient than a doctor’s office that is difficult to locate or – for a client – if an attorney’s firm is situated a ways away from the curb, and there is no signage for guidance. This is where the monument sign appeals to motorists. Listing not only the address of the venue but also the name of the professional doing business there, it offers must-have wayfinding assistance.

Exterior Building Signs

Professionals in these niches require an upscale look, which frequently means metal. Dimensional letters are an excellent choice. Tall enough to mark the building’s façade to which they are installed, they are so durable that they will guide visitors for many years to come. Illumination can be achieved with façade-mounted spotlights or landscaping lights. Other markers include sandblasted or routed panels that feature the name of the business. They are excellent for brick facades and more old-fashioned settings.

ADA-Compliant Markers

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant signs are a must for the interior of the office – but only for certain markers. Talk to one of our experts to find out which markers have to be in compliance.

Interior Signage

Customized lobby, suite and wayfinding signs that identify basic amenities available to clients or patients as well as markers that highlight room usages are all part and parcel of the interior signage you need to effectively set up an office. Again, metal is a favorite in this niche, but other materials may also be of use. Examples include combinations (for example, metal and glass) and laminates (foam substrate and metal laminates).

Building Markers

If you are not just taking up an office but actually are in charge of the entire office building, do not neglect to add directories in the lobby near the elevators. There are multiple models that allow for easy additions and changes. For a very large office building, consider the addition of pylon directories in the middle of the foyer or in a courtyard that also allows access to offices.

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