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What does your exterior building sign say about your company? Does it correctly identify you as a thought leader in your niche? Conversely, is the sign a throwback to the time when you just started out in business and had to buy the cheapest marker possible just to put something up on the façade? As you drive around the commercial areas of Gilbert, do you notice competitors whose signage is really quite compelling and wished that yours looked something like theirs?

Spotlight Signs and Imaging Solutions can help. Our experienced graphic artists and sign installers proudly serve Gilbert and its surrounding business communities. There are several popular exterior signage options that are attractive and budget friendly.

  • Foam letters. We use outdoor-rated foam that can be between ½ inches to four inches thick. These signs look substantial and the 3D effect that they add to your building’s front is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. When you are thinking long-term and want something that will see you through the next decade or longer, pick denser foam. For the short term – or until your lease is up in five years – we can use an even less expensive product.
  • Lightbox cabinets. Made from tough aluminum, lightbox cabinets contain illumination, which greatly enhances the look of these signs at night. Polycarbonate front covers let the light escape. These facings are custom printed with the name and logo of your business. Clients like these markers because they can easily combine the logo and the lettering on the same sign setup.
  • Channel letters. Channel lettering is one of the most frequently requested signage options. Choose from lit or unlit versions. It is possible to play around with the lighting a little bit for heightened effects. For example, diffuse lighting that comes from the back gives your sign an air of sophistication. It is a favorite of gourmet restaurants and popular art galleries. When the light shines through uncovered letter fronts, it gives a minimalist or even industrial look to the venue. Clients choosing this kind of sign frequently operate cutting edge clothing stores or avant-garde retail locations that thrive on a minimalist décor theme.

Of course, there are other options as well. There are metal letters, formed plastic letters and a combination of signs as well. When you are ready to make your building’s façade pop and attract the attention of consumers like never before, call our friendly signage experts. We can get started on your order today.