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The A-frame is perhaps one of the most well known signs currently used in retail and in the restaurant business. Yet plenty of other organizations are also catching on to the versatile nature of this signage. Is your group or business among them?

Great Uses for the A-frame and Similar Sidewalk Signs

When you want to generate interest in a product or service that you provide, advertise it in such a manner that your message is just below the consumer’s eye level. This is where these markers truly stand out.

  • Menus. You may have the most delectable dishes on your menu, but no customer will ever see them if they do not set foot inside your eatery. Clever restaurateurs have therefore taken to posting their menus – or at least highlights – on A-frames for sidewalk advertising.
  • Class schedules. Whether you are a school that offers adult education classes as well as children’s music education or a retailer who schedules in-store product demonstrations with subsequent instructional sessions, these markers are for you.
  • Real estate information. Are you hosting an open house to sell a property? Attract attention to the home with more than just flat yard signs and balloons.
  • Specials. Retailers love to highlight their deepest discounts and sale items with these signs. Restaurant owners publish their daily specials.

Sign Design Options

Not all a-frames are created equal.

  • Dry erase board. For the restaurant with the old-fashioned atmosphere, it is possible to get a dry erase pavement sign that allows for fancy calligraphy that you can change on a daily basis or whenever you desire.
  • Snap-open A-frame. A snap-open frame is a good economical solution when you want to put down a number of curb sign at specific intervals.
  • Changeable letter signs. Changeable letter signs are superior choices for retailers whose sales tend to change quite frequently.
  • Water-base signs. When you want to ensure that your sign does not move when brushed up against, opt for a water-base sign with a custom-printed insert that goes behind a clear acrylic cover. The weight of the water securely keeps the sign in place. If you prefer, you may also fill the reservoir with builder’s sand.
  • Floor-standing display markers. These sidewalk signs mimic the iPad stands that you would use at a trade show with an interactive display. Yet instead of installing the tablet, you opt for a custom-printed insert that provides the desired information in smaller print. This is a frequently seen outside of restaurants and event venues where multiple rooms are in use.

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