Customer Spotlight

Whether you’re a small business or large corporation, the fact is, hiring the wrong person can have a very negative impact on your business. Some startling facts to consider:

  • Nearly a third of all business failures are caused by employee theft

  • In the US, over half of all new hires don’t work out

  • One third of applications contain outright lies about crucial information

  • It costs between $7,000 - $40,000 to replace an employee

So, how well are you screening your new hires? Checking references and online services simply aren’t sufficient to ensure your new hire is the right hire for your business. You need a trusted source that can provide accurate and dependable information quickly.

Clearly, the value of knowing your new hire is the right hire is tremendous, particularly when weighed against the risk of not knowing. The return-on-investment (ROI) is so significant, that not doing a thorough background check is just a bad business practice.

Dynamic Force Analysis Solutions (DFA Solutions) in Gilbert, AZ provides fast, accurate, and discreet background check packages that can be optimized for your specific needs.

Recently DFA Solutions participated in the East Valley Business Expo, the largest annual event of its kind in the east valley. DFA Solutions’ presence at the show was enhanced through a collaboration with Spotlight Signs and Imaging Solutions. Spotlight Signs and Imaging Solutions provide DFA Solutions’ banners and graphic for the show. The show proved to be a big success for DFA Solutions, generating several leads and opportunities.

A great collaboration story between DFA Solutions and Spotlight Signs and Imaging Solutions.

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