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Window Wraps and Vinyl Lettering for Multiple Locations Shine for Hatfield Medical Group!

Window Wraps and Vinyl Lettering for Multiple Locations

Spotlight Signs and Imaging Solutions is Arizona’s go-to professional for signage suites. Whether you have one location or operate multiple venues and need perfectly brand-loyal signage, we can help.

Case in point is the Hatfield Medical Group. You may remember this client from the acrylic lobby signs in Gilbert, AZ, that the management team ordered earlier. When the client contacted us again this time, the team asked for window wraps and vinyl lettering in Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa.

Perfect Color Matches Assure an Accurate Brand Message across Multiple Locations

We met with the client to get the specs for the project. At that time, the management team informed us that it needed full-color laminated vinyl. The clinics requested perforated vinyl window film, which would allow natural light to continue streaming in. Doing so gives the locations a comfortable and airy feel while using the window panes as advertising and branding tools.

We used late-model print technology to transfer the colors and vinyl lettering to the high-quality vinyl. Technicians then cut the material to fit perfectly in the window area. This process ensures not just a good look but also a professional presentation of the message that the client requested. The window panels now address consumers with a soft call to action. Besides that, the graphics enhance the great looks of the facades and landscaping.

Using Window Graphics for Advertising, Branding, and Beautifying a Space

You do not have to limit yourself to just one goal when adding window wraps to a venue. In fact, you could appeal to the senses in multiple ways.

  • Vinyl lettering. Spell out the details of a sale, special sales occasion, or similar seasonal event. Besides that, you might ask a question of passersby. Doing so could create a need that your business then meets. This method is excellent for boosting foot traffic.
  • Window wraps. Unlike graphics, wraps prevent prying eyes from seeing what is going on inside. This is a good idea for clinics that want to protect the privacy of patients. For storefronts, it is an excellent solution when interior remodeling has rendered windows useless for advertising goods.
  • Window graphics. Graphics are good options when you do want to give the consumer a glimpse of what is going on inside. You frequently see this marketing method used with hair salons, spas, and retail stores. By partially obstructing the view of products and services, you pique the interest of passersby. Again, this could be what some consumers need to make an impulse stop.

The bright and bold colors of the window treatments also add to the aesthetics of a façade. Because most buildings have a single-colored front, the tones stand out and catch the attention of passersby. In the process, they also brighten up the venue. It stands out as looking attractive and having curb appeal.

Working with Experts in the Field of Window Wraps and Vinyl Lettering

Our sign shop routinely works with business owners in and around Phoenix and the valley, which includes Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe as well as other nearby areas. Whether you have one location that needs signage or multiple venues in various cities, we can help. Contact us today to discuss the scope of the project.