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Ice Cream Shop Invites with Etched Vinyl Window Graphics for Restaurants in Scottsdale AZ!

Located at 9160 East Shea Boulevard, Sweet Republic is your go-to location for artisan ice cream. With flavors such as Belgian chocolate and ginger peach sherbet, it has a little something for everyone. When this storefront needed etched vinyl window graphics for restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ, its management team reached out to our sign shop for assistance.

Elegant Vinyl Window Graphics Presentation Underscores a Brand Message

This is not your average ice cream shop. Therefore, its window graphics had to encapsulate its unique brand message. We worked with the client to create a visual appearance that supports brand awareness among consumers by using the company’s interesting font. Against the backdrop of the frosted vinyl, we reverse cut the business’ name.

It now mimics an etched appearance on the window panes. Moreover, we added the year that the business was established. Doing so is an essential element of the overall brand communication. For the door, we replicated the symbol that combines with the lettering for branding. These etchings appear slimmer, which balances the overall presentation of the cutouts. Now, guests are greeted by the beautiful window graphics that identify the location.

Why Choose Frosted and Etched Vinyl?

It is fair to say that frosted and etched vinyl has many uses. It is ideally suited for the outside of a business as well as for glass windows and doors on the interior. Depending on your needs, there are plenty of ways to customize the product for your use. Consider the idea of how Sweet Republic used the signage setup as an extension of its brand communication. In an elegant way, it now sets itself apart from other shops in the area.

Frequently, the frosted vinyl is also a privacy tool. Because it obstructs a clear view inside, clinics and beauty parlors value the displays. They might choose stripes that take up the middle third of their windows. While doing so does not entirely shut out curious passersby, it does limit what they can see. At the same time, it gives visitors a sense of privacy. Within an office environment, this setup is ideal for conference rooms or offices where private conversations take place.


It is always possible to cut out geometric shapes, letters, or logo symbols for an etched appearance. This practice interrupts the monotony of an otherwise gray-white surface. That said, you have other options, too. For example, our sign shop could imprint the vinyl with your company’s information in full-color details. It stands out, looks professional, and contributes to the overall color use in your space. Another way of incorporating color is the use of colored frosted vinyl.

How to Order Etched Vinyl Window Graphics for Restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ

If you already have brand specs on file, our shop can work with them. We use the information to design the window graphics that you want to see on your glass. If you are unsure about how you want to connect with the consumer, discuss your needs with our graphic artist. This expert can help you design a frosted design with etchings or colorful imprints.

Learn more about your options today by scheduling your design appointment!