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Contractor Van Wraps Help Zippity Split Plumbing Boost Their Brand!

Contractor Van Wraps | Chandler AZ

Located in Chandler, Zippity Split Plumbing launched its business in June. Because the management team had done its homework, the company’s leadership decided early on that it would need contractor van wraps to introduce locals to the new brand. They relied on our sign shop to assist with this project.

Vehicle Wraps are Ideal Mobile Marketing Tools for New Contractors

This company wanted to go big on its official launch. Our design team worked with the firm to put together the wrap.

  • Back. The back features the company’s unique purple color, name, logo, and differentiation. Prospective customers learn that they can enjoy one-hour appointment windows when calling Zippity Split Plumbing. The back also features the company’s website address.
  • Sides. The sides show a more substantial rendition of the corporate persona. We repeated the presentation of the website address. Besides that, we added images of products they offer.
  • Doors. The doors are the ideal marketing tools for co-branding with popular manufacturers. It is an excellent way of introducing yourself as an authority in the niche.
  • Hood. The hood only features the company’s logo. It alerts the person in front that a service van is behind them. Because the company elected not to add their name to the hood, it piques the motorist’s interest to learn more.

Van wraps for contractors that are entering a new territory must stand out. These products have to focus the attention of the consumer almost immediately on the differentiation. Because it is part of the brand message, it paints a reliable picture of what the company is all about. In this way, the wrap encourages the phone call.

What to Include in a Van Wrap

What you include in your van wrap differs by industry. Most importantly, the wrap of a new company will look different from the wrap of someone who has been in the business for a while.

Case in point is Zippity Split Plumbing. Because it is a newcomer to the service territory, it has to make its case why the consumer should not call one of the established firms. In this case, it is the one-hour appointment window. In an industry where six-hour windows are not unheard of, this is a spectacular marketing tool.

As the company continues to gather steam, name recognition, and business, it will at some point most likely redo its wrap design. The next time around, it may choose to feature a menu of services. This setup is a good practice for an established firm that wants the consumer to develop brand knowledge. Because this client is still at the brand awareness stage, it is not necessary.

How to Buy Contractor Van Wraps

Our sign shop routinely works with contractors that are starting out in business. With the help of our graphic artist, these firms succeed in presenting their brands with professionalism and impact. Even if you already have the specs of your brand on hand, consider scheduling a design appointment. We might be able to offer some input on the placement of style elements and similar considerations.

Contact us today to start the process.