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Effective Signs and Is Bigger Better?

Effective Signs and Is Bigger Better?

We all know a good sign when we see one, but perhaps we’re not able to put a finger on exactly why. Similarly, we know bad ones when we see them too. Many times they’re bad because they’re old, faded, weathered and just lacking some TLC. However, it’s not just old and weathered signs that are unsightly and ineffective. Data suggests that new signs can be ineffective if not properly designed, sized and installed.

First, let’s consider size. Are bigger signs better? Well, the data suggests yes.

• 82% get frustrated and annoyed when signs are too small to read
• 61% have driven by and failed to find a business because the signage was too small or unclear

Should you get overly creative with your sign and include your logo or symbols? Well, be careful.

• Only 13% prefer signage that uses symbols or icons rather than words
• While 48% prefer signs that use a combination of words and non-verbal symbols or icons.

For monument signs, what about variety vs. uniformity? Well, the decision seems to be split, however from a tenant perspective, variety seems to be better as it allows for branding and easier identification.

• 63% believe variety of signage design within a business district is interesting and appealing.
• 58% believe uniformity of signage within a business district looks attractive, but makes businesses harder to identify at a glance

And lastly, who doesn’t like a good old fashioned vintage sign? 77% say vintage signs are worth preserving due to their historic and cultural value. So, if you’re fortunate to have a vintage sign as part of your business, you’d be well advised to hang on to it and restore it if necessary.

So, the bottom line: Bigger is better; don’t get carried away with symbols; and variety allows for easier identification. And, everyone loves a vintage sign.

Source: BrandSpark International survey of 100,000 Better Homes and Garden