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Bell Bank Uses Professional Office Signage in Chandler and Phoenix AZ to Boost Their Brand!

Bell Bank is your friendly neighborhood financial institution. It offers personal and commercial banking solutions. When the bank needed to rebrand and prepare a second branch for opening, the management team contacted Spotlight Signs and Imaging Solutions for assistance with the design, manufacture, and installation of professional office signage in Chandler and Phoenix, AZ.

A Double-Venue Signage Presentation

We met with the team to pinpoint the desired specs for each location. In the case of the Chandler venue, the bank needed new signage all the way around. We began with the building sign, which is the most crucial exterior marker. To ensure that it represented the corporate persona, our team created a reverse-pan channel letter setup with a front and backlit logo.

Next, we designed two lobby signs. One features illumination with RPC letters and a front and backlit logo that we mounted to a custom substrate. The client requested a textured backdrop with a glacier-white finish. The other sign does not display illumination. Instead, it features half-inch-thick PVC letters that we painted in the bank’s custom tones. We mounted them to an attractive custom wood backer panel.

We now turned our attention to the Phoenix branch. This is the existing venue that needed its signage to undergo the rebranding. For this location, we began with two non-illuminated lobby signs. One features the half-inch-thick PVC letters you remember from the Chandler branch. The other lobby sign uses one-inch-thick Gatorfoam for all style elements that we then painted in custom colors. We flush-mounted these style elements directly to the wall.

To finish the signage package, we put up window lettering and graphics that display the sign’s name, logo, and banking hours. These look professional on the lobby door and invite customers to enter. It is an excellent presentation of the corporate persona and underscores the brand message that the already existing building sign features.

Need Office Signage Suites? We Can Help!

A signage suite is a combination of sign products. Many clients might order one or two signs. When you outfit a location with all or most of the signs it needs, it is considered a signage suite. Take a page from the playbook of Bell Bank, and include building signs, lobby signs, and window graphics. It is an excellent start to present customers with must-have brand-building signage solutions.

Of course, there are also other building signs you might need. Examples include ADA-compliant markers, wayfinding signs, directories, and menu boards. More and more storefront businesses ask for A-frames and flags, which they can move outside as needed. It is an excellent way of addressing the consumer who is passing by the venue.

Do You Need Professional Office Signage in Chandler and Phoenix, AZ?

Spotlight Signs and Imaging Solutions routinely works with the management teams of local businesses to put together new signage setups. Other companies are in the process of rebranding. They are changing direction or want to upgrade the ways that consumers interact with their brand messages.

We routinely serve the business communities in and around Chandler, Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, and Tempe, AZ. Contact us today to schedule a design appointment.