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Benefits of Window Graphics for Retailers and Restaurants in Phoenix

Benefits of Window Graphics for Retailers and Restaurants in Phoenix

More and more retail establishments and eateries contact Spotlight Signs and Imaging Solutions to inquire about window graphics. Made from sturdy vinyl, these graphics are usually added after a business’ initial signage is in place. The advantages of the vinyl are clear:

  • Computer cut. We customize your window display by using your preferred font size and letter style. This allows the vinyl letters and numbers to harmonize with posters, banners or exterior markers that you have already installed. To ensure that the lines are crisp and do not tear, we computer-cut the vinyl for best results.
  • Colorful – or not. Do you want to have black lettering? No problem! Would you prefer turquoise, tomato-red or sky-blue numbers? How about a steel-gray or a white decal? Any color of the rainbow is available. In addition, we can use metallic materials, translucent vinyl or add a reflective coating.
  • Durable. If you are fortunate enough to be located in a sunny spot, you might be worried about fading. The vinyl we use comes from reputable manufacturers. It does not fade, crack or peel. Rather, it features a laminate that ensures high durability and longevity even in the Arizona sun.

Window Graphics for Phoenix Retailers

How could you use vinyl letters, numbers and decals to your advantage in a store? For starters, they are ideal for posting your hours of business on the door’s glass. If you close on any days during the week, it is a good idea to also spell this out to avoid confusion. Reinforce your store location information by posting your store address. While customers may not memorize these details, they do subconsciously sink in and can help a shopper give you a great referral by mentioning your store’s street name or perhaps the address number.

Remember to also connect with your customers via the windowpanes. Post your Facebook page link and Twitter handle. Let them know where they can find you on Pinterest and Instagram. Connecting via social medial is becoming more and more important for customers who use mobile devices to shop locally. Make sure that they can find you easily by having your information displayed for all to see. Seasonable decorations and sayings are another excellent use of your windowpanes. Since vinyl graphics are easy to apply and remove, you can change them with the seasons.

Window Graphics for Phoenix Restaurants

Eateries have much the same uses for vinyl graphics and decals as retailers do. Advertising and information sharing are the two major functions here as well. Yet in addition to these, restaurants with big windowpanes may find that guests prefer to have a modicum of privacy when eating. If you want to instantly upgrade the look of your restaurant, consider adding panels of vinyl that mimic etched, frosted or privacy glass. Not only does this look great from the outside, but it also helps your guests to feel more comfortable and less “on display” in your venue.

Who knew that cut vinyl could be so versatile? If you are still uncertain how you could make vinyl letters and numbers work in your establishment, give us a call. Contact us...We will gladly come out for a site evaluation.