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Branding, wayfinding and marketing are just a few of the functions that your retail store signs must fulfill. Are they up to the challenge?

Who Benefits from Updated Retail Signage?

In a word: everyone! Whether you run a classy boutique, a chic boulangerie or a grocery store with great bargains, retail signage is a necessity.

It Starts on the Outside

How do you welcome your customers? Shoppers like to be able to see the store name of their target venue clearly displayed. There are channel letter signs and lightbox markers to achieve this goal. When they feature your customized colors and display your logo, you assist with branding as much as with wayfinding.

Yet do not forget the motorists! A well-placed monument sign helps drivers to notice the entrance to your parking lot well in advance of the turn lane. By being able to change lanes safely, they are getting off to a great shopping experience.

For the sidewalk, there are sandwich board signs that outline today’s special deals and bargains. If you have a sale on a particular item or want to point out your buy-one-get-one-half-off deal on certain products, this is a great way to draw attention to the sale. Other signage options here include flags and outdoor banners that display your store’s name and logo as well as any message that you wish your customers to see.

And it Continues on Inside

The inside of your store should make it easy for the shopper to navigate aisles and find deals. Advertised products should be a snap to find. That said, there should also be some reminders of products that might pair well with the items the shopper is buying. Examples of available signage options abound.

  • Window graphics. Talk about the great deals inside the store and add realistic graphics about the products that are on the shelves.
  • Floor graphics. These oversized stickers are great at pointing out deals and steals. If you want to get creative, you might even set up a foot print path to the greatest deals.
  • Cutouts. Placed inside the store, these displays support your marketing. In some cases, the cutouts act as small displays themselves.
  • Hanging banners and posters. Capitalize on the overhead space by using the area for marketing.
  • Wayfinding signs. Aisle names and numbers are best hung above the heads of shoppers, where they are easy for everyone to see. If your store has particularly long aisles, hang two markers – one on each side of the aisle.
  • Point-of-sale signs. These greatly help with the last-minute purchases that can add quite a bit of money to your store’s bottom line.

Getting Started is Easy!

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