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Are you the principal for an elementary, middle or high school? Perhaps you are a daycare facility or preschool director? Then again, you may be the pastor, building manager or custodian of a faith community’s temple, church building or similar meeting place. If so, you have unique signage needs that help a large number of visitors to quickly find their ways around your venue – whether it is their first time there or their second year of attendance. Of course, in the educational and faith-building setting the signage selection is different from office buildings and retail locations. You want to combine functionality with heightened visual aesthetics. Spotlight Signs and Imaging Solutions can help!

It Starts on the Outside

Any church or school requires the type of outdoor signage that is easy to spot even from a block down the road.

Monument signs. Signaling the entryway to your parking lot, the monument sign identifies your venue by name and frequently also by address. Lit or unlit, it is a vital marker that helps visitors to change lanes safely well ahead of reaching your building.

Parking lot markers. One-way lanes, handicapped parking spots, rows reserved for staff members and fire lanes all require special signage. Post and panel signs can make a big difference here. A stop sign at the exit reminds drivers to carefully merge when leaving your facility.

Building signage. Channel letters, lightbox cabinet signs and combinations of the two are successful ways of identifying your school or church. Lit signs make it easy to find your venue after dark or when the weather is bad. Even when the sun is shining, a lit sign has a welcoming effect that is important for a school or church.

Wayfinding. Exterior wayfinding signs can take many forms. A-frames, sandwich boards and post and panel signs with arrows point visitors into the general right direction. These signs are particularly important if you operate multiple buildings on one campus. If the children’s church and the adults’ service are held in separate buildings, do not leave your visitors guessing!

And It Continues on the Inside

Once visitors, members and students have safely made it inside your church or school, consider the signage needs there, too.

ADA-compliant wayfinding signs. Even on the inside, there are plenty of wayfinding needs. Where are the restrooms? Where is the emergency exit, the stairwell or the elevator? These signs need to be in compliance with the rules set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that specifies the use of colors, designs and the addition of Braille. Rooms should be numbered and labeled as well.

Wall graphics. Inspire everyone with pithy sayings, apropos quotes and whimsical pictures. Children in particular appreciate this type of wall art. With the help of vinyl wall graphics, wall art is easy to add to any space.

Memorial plaques. Since schools and churches frequently rely on fundraisers and generous business community donations, it is only fair to honor the donors who have stepped up to the plate. Signs, plaques, posters or even wall murals are ideal display options.

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